Couples Counseling in Denver, Colorado


Understanding the unique challenges men face, Bryce has dedicated his career to providing a space where men can explore their vulnerabilities, strengthen their emotional resilience, and foster healthier relationships.


With a deep understanding of the complexities of human emotions and relationships, Bryce has expanded his practice to cater to a broader audience, addressing a critical need in the community. Facing everything from communication breakdowns to conflict resolution, from cultivating greater intimacy to blending two families into one, Bryce meets couples where they are with empathy and wisdom, offering hope and clarity at every stage of their relationship’s journey.


Couples Counseling For Colorado aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for couples to explore their relationships, communicate more effectively, and deepen their connection using the PACT Method.


What does it look like to participate in a PACT session?

The experience in a PACT session might vary slightly from other couple therapy forms you’re familiar with. Here are some distinctive elements of this approach:

  • Throughout most of the session, you’ll be seated in rolling chairs, facing each other.
  • The focus will be less on informational content and more on the lived experience of the relationship from the perspective of each partner.
  • Attention will be given to immediate biological reactions (like eyebrow raises or foot shifts) to foster awareness of how each partner perceives the other from an internal viewpoint.
  • Through experiments, I’ll guide couples to gather insights on their relational dynamics.
  • Typically, couples engage in therapy with me for a duration of 6 to 9 months.
  • Sessions last an hour and 40 minutes, with the possibility of extending the duration for certain needs.
  • As a level 2 PACT therapist, what does this entail? It signifies my application of Stan Tatkin’s therapeutic principles, aiding couples in attuning to one another and moving beyond their internal narratives about their partner. I assist my clients in recognizing their partner’s non-verbal signals, enhancing attentiveness to their partner’s emotions. Often, the stories we construct about our partners are laced with inaccuracies, and our bodily reactions guide us towards truth.


The PACT methodology aims to guide couples towards secure functioning, characterized by mutual protection and prioritization of the relationship above all else.


Secure functioning involves ensuring the well-being of both partners, often to the exclusion of other relationships. It embodies the desire for the partner to be the first person one seeks upon returning home and the last one to bid goodnight.

At my couples counseling practice here in Denver, Colorado Couples for Colorado, I often identify the couple’s relational dynamic, which typically emerges early in the relationship.


For instance, a common pattern involves one partner reacting strongly to an event (or lack thereof), displaying heightened emotional expression, while the other partner retreats into an emotionally shut down state. Recognizing and altering these dynamics is a key part of the therapeutic process.


The issues couples initially present with are frequently not the core problem. Despite seeking to improve communication or manage emotional reactions, the objective is to uncover the underlying nervous system responses driving dysfunctional behaviors. By becoming aware of these responses, couples work towards co-regulation, supporting each other in managing their emotional states, a process that initially demands significant effort but becomes more natural over time.


I believe the challenges and distress encountered in intimate relationships are crucial for individual growth within the couple. While couples often wish to avoid conflict or pain, my role is to facilitate a healthier navigation through the inevitable struggles of a relationship.


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